Our Staff



CEO / President of Sales: Michael McCranie
Email: mmc@masterpurveyorsfla.com

President of Operations: Shawn McCranie
Email: smc@masterpurveyorsfla.com

Chief Financial Officer: Susan Miller

Email: smiller@masterpurveyorsfla.com

Customer Service Manager: Carey McCranie
Email: carey@masterpurveyorsfla.com

Sales Staff

Chris Mina – Pinellas County / Hillsborough County / Pasco County
Email: cmina@masterpurveyorsfla.com

David D’Avanza – Hillsborough
Email: ddavanza@masterpurveyorsfla.com

Dennis Demers – Orange County / Polk County
Email: ddemers@masterpurveyorsfla.com

Derek Lieb – Hillsbough County / Manatee County
Email: derek@masterpurveyorsfla.com

Agustin Pimentel – Hillsbough county / Pinellas County